Get Lovely Legs for the Holiday Season – Jacksonville Varicose Vein Specialist Shares How

varicose veins
Holiday shopping, traveling, preparing and partying can take a toll on your legs, contributing to varicose veins.

 Tis the season to be happy and get lovely legs

Nothing wrecks a party dress like bulging, blue varicose veins. Make sure your legs are ready for the coming holiday season with a visit to Jacksonville’s St. Johns Vein Center and a revamped health regimen.

Holidays in the First Coast

While our friends to the north are already digging their snow shovels out of storage and shopping for the most fashionable parkas in preparation for the wintry holiday season, we here in Northeast Florida are still donning tank tops and shorts and toting our kids’ sand shovels to the beach. Of course, it does get cold – eventually. Even in the Sunshine State, temperatures can dip into the 20s in the dead of winter. Still, our notoriously fluctuating temps mean it’s not at all uncommon to rock sparkly, short-skirted ensembles at parties throughout the holiday season.

Don’t delay treatment, get great legs today

Many who suffer varicose veins delay treatment, especially during busy times like the holidays, believing that surgery is the only way to get back a smooth look to their legs. Not so, says Jacksonville vein specialist Dr. James St. George. He specializes in highly effective, non-invasive varicose vein treatments like endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy. Endovenous ablation uses heat energy to shut down a diseased vein, and sclerotherapy involves injecting a liquid or foam solution into an affected vein to close and shrink it. Each of these treatments requires minimal downtime and provides fast results.

To maintain your smooth new look and help ward off further developing varicose veins, it’s important to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle, exercising regularly, eating a high-fiber, low-sugar/salt diet and nixing harmful habits like smoking. Plus, all those moves will give you a great head start on your New Year’s resolutions.

Start now to prepare your legs for the holiday season. Call 877-640-VEIN (8346) and schedule a consultation at Jacksonville’s St. Johns Vein Center today.

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