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New Offices for St Johns Vein Center in Ponte Vedra Beach and Fleming Island

St Johns Vein Center has been located in Jacksonville since 2010 and is expanding with 2 new locations in Ponte Vedra Beach anDr James St Georged Fleming Island.  At this time, you are able to call their main location in Jacksonville to book your complimentary vein screening prior to their grand openings this spring.

St. Johns Vein Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of both medical and cosmetic vein conditions. Utilizing the latest procedures and equipment technologies, Dr. James St. George delivers personalized care with better outcomes and less down time for both men and women with venous disorders.

“Many people do not realize that venous disease affects 72% of women and 40% of men over the age of 60.  The majority of my patients have symptomatic veins that take a toll on their quality of life. I am excited to now offer my services in Ponte Vedra Beach and Fleming Island and I look forward to meeting and interacting with each community,” Dr. James St. George said.

Dr. St George has over 20 years’ experience as a Board Certified Interventional Radiologist and Vascular Specialist.  He takes pride in his work to ensure all of his patients receive:

Personalized Attention

• A Comprehensive Understanding of Treatment

• Highly Trained Staff Specialized in Venous Disorders

• The Latest and Most Advanced Equipment

free vein screeningThe St. Johns Vein Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of both medical and cosmetic vein conditions for Varicose VeinsSpider VeinsBlue Veins and more. Schedule Your Free Vein Screening Today   Call Us Today! (904)373-1237

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