The Cons of Cheap and Fast Spider Vein Treatments


spider vein treatment jacksonville Recently we have seen an alarming number of advertisements for spider vein injections that promise results at extremely lower costs than vein centers and would like to review the cons of cheap and fast spider vein treatments. These ads are typically from practices that do not specialize in vein treatment, but are looking to add it to their services as an additional revenue stream. While some of these places may be experts in dermatology, cosmetics or aesthetics, they are not focused on vein treatment as an area of expertise and may be, unknowingly, sharing misleading information about vein treatment. Often times, they do not recommend compression therapy after treatment; which helps with blood flow and preventive maintenance or even perform a venous ultrasound to determine if medical treatment is necessary.

Which Solution is Best for Sclerotherapy?

Spider veins are often more than a cosmetic issue and should be treated by a vein specialist. If you are sceptical about spider vein treatment due to the nature of those ads OR have had a bad experience with vein treatment in the past, please allow us to share valuable information about the dangers of cheap and fast spider vein treatment and a comparison of the types of solutions used.


sodium tetradecyl sulfate (Sotradecol)
poly docanol (Asclera / Aethoxysclerol)
Hypertonic Saline (concentrated salt)
1 hour treatment 30 minute appointment
Treat entire region affected Usually only one target area
Fewer treatments with better results Multiple treatments required with possible discoloration
Higher cost, sometimes covered by insurance due to underlying medical issue Low cost
Interferes with the cells that make up the inner lining of the vein. The vein wall is then essentially sealed shut and closes. Causes clotting of the tiny spider veins, causing them to eventually disappear. Irritates the vein and closes it
Generally painless due to lidocaine in solution More painful, often with burning sensation


At St Johns Vein Center, Dr. James St George recommends the usage of sodium tetradecyl sulfate (Sotradecol) OR poly docanol (Asclera / Aethoxysclerol) over hypertonic saline solution to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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