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How You Both Can Get Healthy Legs Together

While varicose vein prevention may not seem the most romantic of notions, we believe working together towards good health can be. Everything you can do together for healthy legs as well as help prevent or improve varicose veins can not only be fun, it can also be relationship building. The professionals at St Johns Vein Center share how you both can get healthy legs together.

Get Healthy Legs Together

  • Get Active Together: Getting and staying active together is a great way to strengthen your relationship and your body. Focus on activities that improve circulation such as power walking, jogging, yoga and – a favorite for many couples – dancing. Staying active not only helps to keep your weight down, it helps keep the fun in your relationship.
  • Take Care Together: At the end of each day, give yourselves, and your legs, a little TLC. Relax on the couch or bed with your feet propped up, heart level or higher and give one another a foot massage. This helps facilitate blood away from the feet and legs. Read a book, watch a romantic comedy or just share some meaningful conversation while you’re at it.
  • Eat Healthy Together: Just like good nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy heart, it is also important for maintaining healthy veins, including your leg veins. Supporting each other by purchasing nutritious items and trying new recipes together can make eating healthy more fun. Consider cooking a healthy, romantic dinner for two!
  • Get Stronger Together: There are specific exercises to strengthen legs and improve circulation for both men and women. In addition to staying active, leg exercises will help you stay fit and functional for years to come.
  • Get Educated Together: Learning about vein and leg health can help you both learn what vein problem signs to look for as well as well as make new lifestyle choices that keep you both happy & healthy.
  • Get A Screening Together: Left untreated, vein problems such as varicose veins can lead to more serious health conditions including blood clots. Find out if you may be at risk for venous insufficiency by taking this Personal Vein Health Assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, a member of our medical team will reach out to you to review your results.

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