park and wait check-in

Park and Wait Check-In For Your Next Appointment

As part of our patient safety initiative, we offer Park and Wait for Check-In or Curbside arrival for your next appointment. This allows you to remain in your vehicle while you wait for a scheduled appointment while the staff prepares an exam room for your visit. Between each visit, exam rooms are cleaned thoroughly following stringent hygiene procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How this works:

  • When you arrive at St. Johns Vein Center location and safely park, check-in with our receptionist.
  • We will then prepare your room and will let you know when it is ready, and to come in.
  • You will immediately be brought back to the room that has been prepared for you. This eliminates lobby wait times. Make sure to bring your mask with you as you will not be permitted inside the building without a mask. Prior to your appointment, our staff will ask COVID screening questions to make your visit as safe as possible.

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