Patient Success Story _ Weight loss After Vein Treatment

Patient Success Story | Weight loss After Vein Treatment

Weight loss After Vein Treatment- Colleen T.

Join us in celebrating the health of St Johns Vein Center patient Colleen T. She came to Dr. St. George for vein treatment after dealing with discomfort and pain in her legs. We often see that patients may not have visible signs on their legs, but are suffering from symptoms of vein disease that may include swelling, pain, numbness and even restless legs. The painful symptoms may limit their physical activity preventing a healthy lifestyle of exercise and activity. With treatment, patients return to a life that is pain-free and is able to resume normal activity levels and experience weight loss as a result of being mobile and on their feet more often.


“I would tell anyone thinking of having the procedures….DO IT! You will not realize how painful and uncomfortable your legs were until they aren’t! You will wonder why you didn’t do something sooner. Having the procedures have given me a new lease on life. I walk about 2 miles every day and always take the stairs. I don’t even think about it! I have lost about 50 lbs and feel like I am half my age. Life is fun again and I look forward to enjoying every walking minute of it!” – Colleen T.



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