Should your primary care physician treat your veins?

Over the last several years, the practice of vein treatment has become a unique area of expertise. Many types of physicians treat spider veins and even larger varicose veins as an additional service to their existing practice. This often will lead to incomplete or even disastrous results. Medical science has evolved into many unique areas that require additional training and advanced credentials. It takes a minimum of three years and hundreds of cases to become a board-certified Phlebologist.

No longer should physicians play in this field as a hobby or source of additional income. The staff at St. Johns Vein Center is 100% dedicated to evaluating and treating venous disease. Our doctors have done more than 40,000 procedures. At our center, you will get expert advice about the latest methods to improve circulation and reduce your risk of future venous problems. We will prescribe the best treatment for your specific situation and discuss techniques that are not advised. Our staff will discuss the risks involved in not treating venous disorders. You will receive a clear effective treatment plan designed to solve your specific vein problem, from minor treatments for spider veins to more advanced laser treatments for venous insufficiency.

Additionally, a complete analysis will be available for your Medicare and insurance coverage. If you are experiencing leg symptoms, it could mean you have a venous or arterial problem. We can evaluate both conditions at the St. Johns Vein Center.

We have found that much of the pain and discomfort of your legs is due to poor circulation and accumulation of inflammation. Inflammation is the basis for more than 90% of the chronic pain we experience.

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